how to make images look right out of the 90s web!

all you need for this tutorial is XNView MP. it's free trust me.
okay so first you're gonna open XNView, and then drag your image you wanna use in, specifically on the top bar.

for this example i will be using this cool space jam version of my logo
this next part is just a suggestion but scale your image so that the width is 800px or lower. this is just a suggestion, i just felt like it would be better if you make your images work on an 800 by 600 monitor. to do that is pretty simple.
  1. go to Image > Resize... (or type Shift+S)
  2. be sure that "Keep ratio" is checked
  3. under "Witdh" type anything that's 800 or lower. I'll do 700.
  4. click the "Method" dropdown menu and select Nearest Neighbor so the scaling looks bad
  5. badabing badaboom!
now we get to the fun part - the actual color depth.
  1. go to Image > Change color depth...
  2. Click the "Colors" option and select 16.
  3. WOOOOOOOOP done